About me

Nice to meet you

My name is Martin Gebhardt, I work as a yoga teacher and personal coach. Sports , movement, dance and personal development are an essential part of my life for many years.

At the moment I finish my bachelor degree in sport- and educational science at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main Germany.

on my way I got a certification in holistic chiropractic and myofascial tissue work.

I finished a basic yoga teacher training (200hr) and a intensive teacher training for fascial yoga (75hr).I teach yoga classes and workshops since 2014.

As a member of a profesional breakdance crew I lived my passion for dancing to the fullest. Due to serious injuries I stoped dancing on big stages and found a new passion yoga. This changed my life and the way I was thinking about my self and my body completely.

Through this new way of practicing I learned to be more concious about my body and life in general. This led to more clarity and confidence and enabled me to take responsibility for myself and my actions.

To be authentic and expressing myself is what I would describe as freedom.

In my role as a teacher and coach I want to empower others to live a more concious, responsible and fulfilling life. Support them to help themselves and to support others.

My classes and workshops are based around that idea using methods and philosophies from yoga, movement , somatics , dancing and meditation to create a foundation for a more concious lifestyle and personal development.

I devoted my Life to personal growth , love and clarity. I am grateful for my Life and I believe that real value is created by serving others.

Lets grow together