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Gentle Faszial Yoga

is like the popular Yin Yoga a really subtle, yielding and relaxing modern Yoga Style.

The focus is on body perceiption, realizing your own limitations and using movement as a vehicle to adress the facial system, other deep tissue and the nervous system.

This helps you to improve your conciousness and to reconnect body and mind.

The classes focus on the needs and abilities of the students. Regaining and improving your Intuition and trust in your body perceiption ist the fundamental aspect of the practice. It enables everyone to practice on their own terms. Even if you have chronic pain there is always a way to move your body. The last and most crucial component is breathing. Through a lack of conciousness and distress the body can manifest restrictive breathing patterns that can lead to serious diseases both mentally and physically. If you improve the way you breath you reduce your stress levels , it helps you to solve limiting believes and you get a simple yet powerful tool to connect with yourself. Breathing is the baseline for a concious and healthy Lifestyle.

The benefits of this practice are:

  • better self awareness
  • reduced physical and emotional stress
  • more mobility and movement control
  • Improved way of breathing and the break up of dysfunctional breathing patterns.
  • decrease in muscular imbalances